Black Owl Design is an award winning design studio located in Mackay and Townsville, working with clients across Queensland and New Zealand. We absolutely love what we do, and – luckily – we’re also really good at it. But more than that – we get to work with amazing clients who understand the value that professional design brings to a business.

Black Owl Design Amy Sherlock headshot.png


The Chief Creator at Black Owl Design, Amy started the business because she wanted to work for no one except her clients – to ensure that they received the outcome and value that they were looking for, and deserved. Every business needs its own identity, and Amy understands what a privilege it is for a business owner to trust her with helping to construct that identity and bring their ideas to life.

A strong believer in communication, Amy gets really peeved off when she has to chase up suppliers – so she makes sure that her clients never, ever feel that way about Black Owl Design. Her motto is that no client is left behind – you are there for every step of the whole journey, and kept informed throughout the process so that you always know what’s happening and when.

Dangerously creative   |   Open minded   |   Constantly honest


+ What do you never leave home without?

Sunnies, phone, bottle of water… and my dog. Trust me, if I was allowed to, she would go everywhere with me.

+ DC v Marvel?

Oh that’s so unfair… I mean Wonder Woman is totally kick arse awesome but there’s just something about Deadpool that makes me love him too. Maybe it’s the tight red leather outfit or his boyish charm lol… please don’t make me pick!

+ Chocolate or cheese?

Definitely chocolate… mega sweet tooth right here.

+ Favourite font?

At the moment it’s Abigail… but it seriously changes every month.

+ How do you create new ideas?

Sometimes they just come to me and other times I need to get out of my own head and away from the screen – so I’ll head to the garden or the kitchen or to the beach, which are all creative releases for me. Then, when I’m not thinking about it or least expect it, the idea will just ‘pop’ into my head!

Black Owl Design Naomi Adams Headshot.png

Graphic Designer: Naomi Adams

Naomi is our branding enthusiast a stationary collector and a lover of typography. She views every project as a new and exciting challenge to tackle and she loves working with clients to achieve truly unique design outcomes. Naomi believes creating a strong working partnership with clients is essential in achieving results that best represent the very core of their business.

Brainstorming 24/7   |   constantly inspired   |   queen night owl

Quick Fire Q+A:

+ What do you never leave home without?

A plan of attack! Oh and my phone.

+ Apple v Windows?

Definitely Windows but I have to resist Amy’s conversion tactics daily.

+ Favourite Adobe Program?

Illustrator is my current flavour of the month but I love all the Adobe children equally.

+ Serif v Sans Serif?

I have a healthy appreciation for both and believe you don’t have to sans to be modern.

+ What do you do when you aren’t designing?

When I’m not fussing over my dogs I am very partial to other creative outlets like illustration, photography and the occasional video game.

Black Owl Design Ryan Bentley Headshot.png


Black Owl Design’s official Bean Counter. Alongside his innate talent for problem solving, Ryan is the disciplined one of the crew – making sure that, while Black Owl Design is flying high, there are still plenty of feet on the ground – anything that involves reading contracts or numbers, then that’s Ryan’s arena.

Which is also why Ryan makes an excellent sounding board for any big ideas – balancing out the creative side of the business with an uncommon amount of common sense and forethought. Offering a different perspective on design, Ryan is also useful for seeing where Black Owl needs to get to, then reverse engineering a solution to the problem – so we may as well let him stick around!

Highly strategic   |   Super perceptive   |   Seriously funny


+ What do you never leave home without?

A sense of humour haha. Well, it’s normally to go kitesurfing so I guess my kite gear, boardies and sunnies.

+ DC v Marvel?

DC every time! I’m a Batman fan 100% – nobody messes with the bat.

+ Favourite city to travel to?

Vegas… Do I really need an explanation for this?

+ Coke v Pepsi?

Do they still make Pepsi?

Design allows you to express an idea in a visual format. It adds another dimension to your business – revealing your business’s values and personality before a client even meets you.
— Amy Sherlock, Founding Director, Black Owl Design